Friday, October 7, 2011

Unkinking the Hose

Sorry it's been awhile. Our blog hose has been kinked. We're finally unkinking the hose so here are all the backed up photos from the past three weeks, hope you enjoy :) 


Ezra and I taking a photo next to the Royal Guard in front of the Royal Palace in Oslo, Norway. 

Stopped by the side of the road while driving through the mountains of Norway to take a picture of an amazing waterfall.

At the bottom of the big Olympic ski jump in Oslo. The top is right above Jack's head. It's pretty intimidating.

Picture of us crossing into Northern Norway from Sweden.  We've been trying to get a picture with every "welcome to ____" sign since we can't get our passport stamped in the EU.

The Mountain Troll of Oslo.

Sporting our brand new ponchos in Northern Norway.


Stockholm at dusk.

Hanging out in the subway station with our friend David. 


Stayed with Mihi (who we had stayed with in Tokyo) the night and then traveled to Copenhagen for a day trip. The city was shut down for the UCI championships. We cheered for the American cyclists as loud as we could.

 In front of the Parliament building in Copenhagen, Denmark.

 Having fun in the royal guard cubicles.

Ezra posing in front of the Royal Botanical Gardens

Jack doing a back flip in the park in front to the Royal Armory.

While we were in Copenhagen they were having the UCI world championship, shout out to Mitch Hoke!

Caught a photo opportunity with the royal guards of Denmark.


We went to the Anne Frank Museum, ate outside, walked around the canals and spent some time in the red light district before going back to Leiden to hang out with Daniel at his school.  

Jack and Ezra making faces for the camera.

Central Plaza in Amsterdam. 

A picture with our friend Daniel who we met across the world in Vladivostok, Russia and who was generous enough to let us stay at his place in Leiden. 


We traveled across Germany to Poland to visit Magdalena, a friend I met while in Spain. We stayed with her family in Warsaw and she took us around the city to museums and parks and at took us to her favorite bars. 

Feeding the Peacocks at Chopin's park

Ezra's showing Jack his love.

In front of the parliament building. 

In front of the tower of Palace of Culture and Science.


We visited Berlin and then we traveled to Munich to celebrate Oktoberfest with Mihi, who we have now stayed with three different times in different parts of the world, thanks so much Mihi! 

The Berlin Marathon: We were there when someone made a new world record!

 Out in front of the Brandenburg gate.

A picture next to some of the remains of the Berlin Wall.

Taking time to visit the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

 Mihi sporting his traditional Bavarian Oktoberfest outfit.

Spending time with Mihi's family during his Father's Birthday, which falls (luckily or unluckily for him) at the end of Oktoberfest. 

 In the mix: Oktoberfest is crowded to say the least.

- Richard