Monday, December 13, 2010

Sponsorship Letters

Currently we are working on finishing our sponsorship letters and getting them out to different companies by the end of this week. Our letters are being sent to Subaru, and companies like The North Face (for outdoor gear), and Sony (for our photo and video needs). Hopefully these letters will allow us to meet face to face with marketers from each of these companies so we can work with them to sponsor our trip.

We have also begun watching (again) the mini-series, Long Way Round, and we strongly recommend anyone interested in our trip to check it out.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

RocketHub - Fueling our way to Japan.

Hey All,
We have a new way for all our followers and fans to get involved in our trip. We have just launched our project at:


This website allows us to receive contributions, small or large, to help fund our trip. We are reaching out for support. We know the budget of this trip is beyond the scope of individual contributions, therefore, we are only asking for help in getting us to Japan. If we exceed our goal, the extra money will go towards food and repairs to the car. It's all or nothing: if we don't reach our financial goal, you get your money back.
This is not a donation or a one sided gift. Each level of contribution gets some sort of reward back from us, not only to show how thankful we are for the contribution, but also to start forming a community between our followers and us. So go check out our launched project and contribute if you can. If you don't feel comfortable giving money, any help in spreading the word about our project is equally appreciated. Thanks so much for your time.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Catalyst Article

We are excited to announce that the Colorado College Newspaper, The Catalyst, has written an article about our trip. There were a few small mistakes but the article was an excellent representation of what we will be doing and what we hope to accomplish. It was really exciting to see our article in the newspaper and to see that awareness of our trip was being spread around campus.  Pick up a copy of the December 3, 2011 edition of The Catalyst and flip to page four to read the article.  Otherwise, we'll post a link once it makes it to The Catalyst's website.


Our Partner: Dirty Impreza!

We didn't have the blog up and running when we created our partnership with but we thought we should keep every one up to date:

We are officially partnered with, an online community of Subaru enthusiasts who like getting their cars dirty. This is a perfect partnership as our car will doubtlessly become very, very dirty.  Our trip and the DI community have a ton in common and we hope that through our trip we can help bring more people to the DI community.

Check it out!


Hi everyone!

This is Jack from the Road is West.  Ezra, Richard, and I are a group of three soon to be graduated college students who will be driving around the world over the course of six months.

When our trip begins on June 12th, 2011, we'll be updating this blog with photos, videos, and stories from our travels as often as we can.  Undoubtedly we will be out of internet range from time to time, but we should be able to post updates at least weekly.

In the meantime, we will be posting updates on the planning progress of our trip.

If you didn't come to our blog through our website, check it out at where you can find more information about our trip.

Thanks you for following and supporting us!