Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Starting to Put Together Our Gear

Well over the past couple of weeks we've been getting boxes in the mail.  (Amazon Prime FTW!)  We I got excited and wanted to lay everything out on the floor.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  I feel like that's what you do when you have a lot of stuff but you can't use it yet.  That's what movies have taught me anyway.  Check it!

It's not a ton of stuff and by no means is it everything we have or will have.  Eventually we'll get a nice list of all our gear up on the website but in the meantime here's a quick one with everything in the picture.

Tool bag (with too many tools inside to list here)
Folding shovel (Gerber) - for camping, vehicle recovery, etc.
Water filter (MSR)
30' Recovery strap (tow strap)
2TB hard drive inside a Pelican waterproof protective case
Driving lights (Hella)
Power inverter - to charge our electronics in the car.
5 gallon collapsible water jugs
Torque wrench (Craftsmen)
Hi-Lift jack and wheel attachment

 When Ezra is happy he points his thumbs at the ceiling!

When Ezra is angry he tries to shovel my roommate.

I don't really know what the deal is with this picture.  No hidden meanings.  Ezra just told me to take it.

Richard got back from hockey practice and was confused...

More gear is on the way.  We want to test all of this stuff out but it's hard without the car.  It's also tough because we can't use some of the gear yet. Like the stove.  Canada Air only allows passengers to travel with unused camping stoves in their original box.  And the Hi-Lift.  I'm not going to try to lift my little Honda or Ezra's motorcycle with that monstrous thing.

In the end, it's not a big issue.  You don't need a PHD to use this stuff so "practice" isn't necessary.  I'm just antsy and want to play with all these shiny new things sitting on my floor.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick Idea of What the Forester Might Look Like

I was playing around with photoshop and made a few "renderings" of what our Forester might look like.  Check them out.

Same idea but with some graphics:

The funny little line going across the doors is our route.  We'll have all the countries we're driving through written along the line, then as we pass through we'll cross them out! (or something like that).

We're getting pretty close to June 12th when we leave.  It hasn't sunk in yet even though the trip is only two months away.  And we've still got a lot to do in the meantime.