Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One hour of Planning in 50 Seconds

Ezra and I were messing around with a time lapse app on our phones and decided to make a short video out of it.  We set up the camera and let it shoot for an hour while we sent some emails, reworked the website, and wrote a few sponsorship letters.  We're trying to dedicate at least one full 8 - 16 hour day per week to planning the trip.  This is pretty much what those days look like:

Flip Camera Part 1

We got flip camera excited about our trip and they sent us one of their MinoHD video cameras!  Once we get a chance to put it to use we'll share some more about the Flip, but some initial thoughts are that it's small, light, and shoots much better video than our iPhone 4 and HTC Droid Incredible.  It will be perfect for filming when a big bulky camera won't work (like when we're hiking around Lake Baikal).  I can't wait for Lake Baikal!  I miss water when I'm in Colorado.